A component to display coloured tag pills.


TagsKey-ValueKey-value object with tags. Must be a JSON string or a state reference to a dictionary.
    ReferenceColorThe colour to be used as reference for chroma and luminance, and as the starting point for hue rotation.
      Seed valueNumberChoose a different value to reshuffle colours.
        Rotate hueTextIf active, rotates the hue depending on the content of the string. If turned off, the reference colour is always used.
        1. yes
        2. no
        Primary textColor
          Custom CSS classesTextCSS classes, separated by spaces. You can define classes in custom stylesheets.


            Low code usage

            This component can be declared directly in Python, using backend-driven UI.

                    "tags": {}, # Union[Dict, str] 
                    "referenceColor": "", # str 
                    "seed": 0.0, # Union[float, str] 
                    "rotateHue": "yes", # str [yes, no]
                    "primaryTextColor": "", # str 
                    "cssClasses": "", # str 
                    "wf-tag-click": handle_event,

            A function, in this example handle_event, should be implemented in your code to handle events.

            def handle_event(state, payload, context, ui):