A component to create a hyperlink.


URLTextSpecify a URL or choose a page. Keep in mind that you can only link to pages for which a key has been specified.
    TargetTextSpecifies where to open the linked document.
    1. Self
    2. Blank
    3. Parent
    4. Top
    RelTextSpecifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document.
      TextTextThe text to display in the link.
        Primary textColor
          Custom CSS classesTextCSS classes, separated by spaces. You can define classes in custom stylesheets.

            Low code usage

            This component can be declared directly in Python, using backend-driven UI.

                    "url": "", # str 
                    "target": "_self", # str [_self, _blank, _parent, _top]
                    "rel": "", # str 
                    "text": "", # str 
                    "primaryTextColor": "", # str 
                    "cssClasses": "", # str