The Healthcare Natural Language API uses context-aware models to extract medical entities, relations, and contextual attributes. Each text entity is extracted into a medical dictionary entry.


The maximum size of the medical text is 10,000 unicode characters.

Supported medical knowledge categories
The Healthcare Natural Language API supports the following medical knowledge categories:

BM_UNIT Body measurement unit
BM_VALUE Value of a body measurement
BODY_FUNCTION Function carried out by the human body
BODY_MEASUREMENT A normal measurement of the human body, such as a vital sign
LABORATORY_DATA Results of testing a bodily sample
LAB_RESULT Qualitative description of laboratory data, such as increased, decreased, positive, or negative
LAB_UNIT Unit of measurement for a laboratory value
LAB_VALUE Value of an instance of laboratory data
MEDICAL_DEVICE Physical or virtual instrument
MEDICINE Drug or other preparation for treatment or prevention of disease
MED_DOSE Medication dose
MED_DURATION Medication duration
MED_FORM Physical characteristics of the specific medication
MED_FREQUENCY How often the medication is taken
MED_ROUTE Body location at which the medication is administered
MED_STATUS For an existing medication, status can be a modifier such as "continue", "start", "restart", "stop", "switch", "increase", "decrease".
MED_STRENGTH Amount of active ingredient in a dose of medication
MED_TOTALDOSE Quantity of medication to take at one time
MED_UNIT Unit of measurement for the active ingredient in a medication
PROBLEM Medical condition, including findings and diseases
PROCEDURE_RESULT Results of a procedure
PROCEDURE Diagnostic or treatment procedure
PROC_METHOD Method in which a procedure is conducted
SEVERITY Severity of the medical condition
SUBSTANCE_ABUSE Abuse of a psychoactive substance