No-code tools let you build apps without writing any code to compress your workflows—automate repetitive tasks, create branded content, and develop knowledge assistants based on your company’s data. Simply define the required inputs, the instructions for the app to follow, and the desired output structure. Once you’ve built the app, deploy it and edit it at any time.


You can build no-code apps for:

  1. Recurring tasks that require repetitive processing, such as creating recurring content.
  2. Time-intensive tasks that require extensive back-and-forth communication between contributors to complete.
  3. Structured tasks that require the same information to be requested and always produce the same result.
  4. Voice-specific tasks that require a particular tone, style, or format.

Explore the pre-built, no-code apps in Templates. When you find one you like, click “Try in builder” to copy and test it. If it meets your needs, you can deploy it immediately and edit it after deployment.