Whether you use no-code, Writer framework, or APIs, you need to choose a model. Here is an overview of the Palmyra models and their capabilities.

Leading models

The input and output price is displayed in 1M tokens. See the pricing page for the full cost.

Palmyra X 003 Instruct

Our most advanced model for generating precise responses

  • context length

  • Input: $Output: $

Palmyra X 002 32k

Our chat model for conversations

  • context length

  • Input: $Output: $

Palmyra X 32k Instruct

Our model with the largest context window

  • context length

  • Input: $Output: $

Model overview

A ✅ indicates the model is available in the product offering, while a ❌ indicates the model is not live for this product offering yet.

Model nameModel IDNo-codeFrameworkAPI
Palmyra X 003 Instructpalmyra-x-003-instruct
Palmyra X 002 32kpalmyra-x-002-32k
Palmyra X 32k Instructpalmyra-x-32k-instruct
Palmyra X 002 Instructpalmyra-x-002-instruct
Palmyra Visionpalmyra-vision

Model details

Deprecation policy

Timeline for Deprecation

  • We’ll announce the deprecation of a model at least three months in advance. This will give customers time to plan for the migration to the new model.
  • We’ll continue to support deprecated models for a period of time after they’re deprecated. This will give customers time to migrate to the new model.
  • We’ll eventually stop supporting deprecated models. The timeline for this will vary depending on the model. We will announce the end of support for a deprecated model at least six months in advance.

Migration Path

  • We’ll provide customers with a migration path to the new model, including detailed documentation and support to help them migrate their applications.
  • We’ll also offer training and consulting services to help customers transition.