This is the the main API for submitting content and receiving any issues preset.

If the client can provide a stable documentId; this is recommended, as it allows easy retrieval of previously analyzed content. If documentId is not provided, Writer will generate one and return it in the API response. This documentId must be used in future calls.

All data sent to Writer servers are considered to be plain text. Client side logic must handle mapping to various rich text formats which may be in use on the actual inputs. On content submission this requires stripping out non plain text elements, and constructing a mapping from this. When issues are returned, the mapping needs to be applied to display issues in the correct locations against the rich text. 

When an end user starts typing; all existing issues should be cleared from the document.
After the end user stops typing for a configured amount of time (recommended ~2 seconds) the entire content is submitted to Writer.
Whenever the end user starts typing again; the flow resets
The client must display the issue using the offsets provided in each issue.

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