SharePoint Online is a cloud-based collaboration platform for organizations of all sizes. It stores a lot of information across departments and teams, and it's usually used as a centralized content management system (CMS). The SharePoint Online connector provided with automatically captures, syncs and indexes the following items:

Stored Files: Including ID, File Metadata, Updated by, and timestamps

Configuring the SharePoint Online Connector

You must configure the SharePoint Online connector before connecting the SharePoint Online service to Workplace Search. For this you must create an OAuth App in the SharePoint Online platform.

To get started, first log in to SharePoint Online and access your administrative dashboard.

Step 1. Sign in to and click on Azure Active Directory:
Step 2. Locate App Registrations
Step 3. Click New Registration
Step 4. Give your app a name - like "Ask Writer" - and make it multitenant.
Step 5. Register the application
Step 6. Retrieve and keep the Client ID handy
Step 7. Next, click the Add a Redirect URI link in the header.
Step 8. Save the configuration.
Step 9. Locate the Client Secret by navigating to Certificates & Secrets
Step 10. Pick a name for your client secret (for example, Ask Writer). Select 24 months as the expiration date:

Step 11. We must now set up the permissions the Application will request from the Azure Portal service account. Navigate to API Permissions and click Add Permission. Add delegated permissions until the list resembles the following:


Step 12. Finally, Grant admin consent.

Use the Grant Admin Consent link from the permissions screen.

Step 13. From the Ask Writer admin dashboard’s Sources area, locate SharePoint Online, click Configure and provide both the Client ID and Client Secret.

The SharePoint Online connector is now configured, and ready to be used to synchronize content. In order to capture data, you must now connect a SharePoint Online instance with the adequate authentication credentials.


Know issues

  1. When configured after November 8, 2020, the Sharepoint Online connector must utilize an application set up by an Azure AD admin, with granted Admin Consent. Therefore, private sources are not supported. Organization sources are supported when connected by an Azure AD admin user, or when the Admin Consent or Admin Consent Workflows are enabled. Refer to the official Microsoft documentation for an overview of User and Admin consent.

During configuration, you register an OAuth app in Azure AD that does not have a verified publisher. After November 8, 2020, these apps can be connected by Azure AD admin users only.

  1. The connecting Azure AD user must have permission to access the sites for any groups and teams that Azure AD user is able to query. Without access to these sites, the sync may fail with a 403 error.