Select the app type that best fits your use case:

  1. Chat app: Best for conversations, answering questions, and research.
  2. Text generation app: Best for long- or short-form structured content, such as blog posts, FAQs, press releases, and newsletters.

Define the structure of the app by outlining the inputs (the information you provide) and the outputs (the content you receive).

Here are some input and output examples:

Chat app


  • User queries about specific topics (e.g., “What are your store hours?“)
  • User requests for assistance (e.g., “Help me track my order.“)


  • Direct answers to user queries (e.g., “Our store hours are 9 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Friday.“)
  • Assistance responses and guidance (e.g., “I can help you track your order. Please provide your order ID.“)

Text generation app


  • Content briefs or outlines that specify the topic you want to write about, the SEO keywords and a CTA you want to include.


  • Completed text that includes SEO keywords and the specific CTA

There are currently only two types of apps, but we’re working on adding more. If you have another app type in mind, please let us know!